Orthodontics – Braces & Lingual Braces (invisible)

Teeth with bracesWe are experts in Braces and other fixed orthodontic treatments

These days we can finish the orthodontic treatment in a record time (less than 1/2 the time that it used to take) because we use custom made braces specially made for each tooth depending on what is needed.

There are many types of braces (Metal braces, Ceramic braces, lingual braces, sectional braces, etc ..) and they are suitable for all ages to give you back a beautiful smile and correct all sort of alignment problems (crooked teeth, spacing or crowding) and bite problems (cross bite and destructive bite).

lingual bracesOur braces are custom made for your teeth to make your treatment shorter and more comfortable.

Using our state of the art Braces, the average correction time for front 6 teeth (social 6) is 4 months only ! so book for a consultation today and find out which type it suitable for you !

The lingual Braces is an amazing technology and truly invisible option for those who do not want to show any metal or ceramic on their teeth and who are not suitable for the aligner orthodontics !


Why should I straighten mine/my children’s teeth?

1. Healthier teeth and gums

Correctly aligned teeth are easier to brush, floss and allow saliva to flow freely between teeth reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

2. Reduced risk of abnormal wear

Properly aligned teeth allow the top and bottom jaws to meet properly enabling correct chewing which can reduce stress on the teeth and stop them from cracking and wearing out.

3. Prevent damage to the jaw joints

Proper bite and alignment prevents the wearing out of jaw joints and damage to the bone surfaces. It also eliminates the headache and pain that is associated with improper bite.

Patients with braces need to be extra vigilant with their oral hygiene.  Regular brushing, flossing and dental visits are advised to keep teeth and gums healthy.

A healthy, balanced diet is important when wearing braces and patients may be advised to avoid certain foods that could get stuck in the braces (eg chewing gum or toffees).

Prices range between $2900 – $8500

Book your or your  braces consultation and find out how braces can help change your smile.



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