Hygienist treatments

Acting as a team, the dentist and the hygienist work together to deliver a higher level of preventive care and to maintain optimal dental and general health.

The emphasis on a good oral hygiene is a very important part of our preventive care.

At the check up and clean visits, the hygienist will carry out a specialised periodontal (gum) examination, take diagnostic x-rays, clean the teeth and apply fluoride. While the dentist will be carrying out a comprehensive examination and treating any problems found.

The hygienist’s role includes:

  • Oral hygiene instructions which are personalised to your needs so that you will know the best way to look after your mouth.
  • Dental education for patients so that they have a better understanding of their problems.
  • Dietary advice in relation to tooth decay.
  • Re-mineralization advice on how to stop or prevent tooth decay if required.
  • Removal of plaque and calculus (tartar) above and below the gum.
  • Advanced gum treatment under local anaesthetic or inhalational analgesia.
  • Screening of the oral environment and taking x-rays.
  • Fissure sealing

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