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    2. Are you under the care of a doctor for any medical conditions?

    If yes, please explain

    3. Name and address of family doctor

    4. Are you wearing a pacemaker or heart valve prosthesis or do you have a joint replacement or any other medical implant?

    If yes, please explain

    5. Have you ever had abnormal bleeding associated with previous extractions, surgery or trauma?

    If yes, please explain

    6. Are you taking any kind of medications (prescribed or non-prescribed) or drugs at this time?

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    7. Have you been diagnosed as having HIV, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency) or ARC (Aids Related Complex)?

    8. Are you pregnant?
    N/ANoYes How Many Months:

    9. Are you allergic or have had an unusual reaction to any of the following (Please select all relevant).

    PenicillinCodeineSedatives AspirinSteroidsIbuprofen Nitrous OxideErythromycinLatex! Rubber Sulpha DrugsValiumFlagyl

    If Other, Please State:

    10. Do you have a history of any of the following disorders? (please select)

    Lung DiseaseSinus TroubleHeart TroubleHay FeverKidney TroubleTuberculosisHepatitis AHepatitis BHepatitis C Blood DisordersThyroid TroubleHeart AttackHeart MurmurConvulsionsEpilepsyDepressionMigraineSleep Apnoea AnaemiaAsthmaHerpesArthritisDiabetesGlaucomaAnginaStrokePalpitations Stomach Ulcer/RefluxFainting SpellsChronic Bronchitis/CoughShortness of BreathRheumatic FeverCancer TreatmentPsychiatric TreatmentHigh Blood PressureHives or Skin Rash

    11. Do you currently receive, or have you ever received, occasional injections by a doctor or specialist for Osteoporosis?

    12. Have you ever taken any of the following medications (Please select)

    FosamaxActonelZometa DidrocalPamisolAlendro DidronelArediaBoniva SkelidBonefosAclasta

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