Terms and Conditions

Treatments, Advertisement and offers terms and conditions

1. Full payment must be made on the day of the treatment. No deferred payments allowed.

2. Interest of 15% will be charged starting from the day following the treatment if the invoice is not paid in full.

3. For Patients who finished their orthodontic treatments (Braces or invisalign):

A high percentage of your treatment results (generally 95% or more) can be maintained if YOU diligently use your retainers as we recommend. Doing so will give you the highest chance of ideal retention. If you do not use the retainers properly as instructed there is a high chance that your treatment results will relapse and that would require further treatment at extra cost to you. Once we provide you with retainers we are not responsible for any relapse.

Only 1 set retainers is provided after orthodontic treatments so please be careful not to break them! There will be an additional charge per retainer for a replacement.

If something happens to your retainer, it is imperative that you have an immediate replacement. Otherwise, your teeth will shift. Replacement of retainers will incur a fee, so be very careful with your retainers.

4. Patients must mention the offer they are interested in when they first book the appointment (usually over the phone) and any offers that mention (present this voucher) must include the voucher on the day of treatment.

5. Offers can not be redeemed retrospectively for treatments already done, you must provide evidence of the offer prior to the treatment in order for it to be redeemed.

6. No two offers can be redeemed for the same treatment or at the same time.

7. Patients who are covered by HCF More for teeth, Department of veteran affairs or Child benefit scheme will be charged our standard fees if their treatment is not covered by those programs or if they exceeded their allowance or cover.

8. Advanced Oral Cancer screening machine can only be used at the same time as a full examination and cleaning.

9. Free laser cancer screening are to be claimed on presentation of voucher during a full check up and clean appointment for patients who have not been to the practice before.

10. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from another qualified health practitioner.

11. All dental treatments provided have limited warranty, the warranty extends to work that has been done according to the recommendation of the dentist and not for compromised solutions that the patient prefers. Warranty is valid for 3 years given that patients attend timely reviews with the dentist who performed the work and continue their regular check up, clean and maintenance visits at least every 6 months with him or her.
Timely reviews and compliance with your dentist’s instructions are imperative to prevent complications. No warranty is provided for non compliance.

12. We charge a non refundable deposit for complex / expensive treatments as they require costly and time consuming preparations. The deposit amount will be discussed with you prior to commencing the work.

13. Offers are valid while stock lasts and can not be redeemed for cash.

14. Cancellation and re-booking accepted if done 48 hours before the appointment date otherwise the offer will be forfeited if no notice given.

15. All appointments including free consultations attract $70 holding fee. Holding fee is fully refundable except for no shows or cancelling/moving appointments with less than 48 hours notice.

16. Fixed All teeth on 4 implants includes replacing your teeth with a resin prosthesis (teeth & gum) and a metal bar inside it. We need to have enough space to support the bulk of the prosthesis and metal bar). It usually takes 3-4 days to make (from day of implants to day of issue of teeth) but this can change depending on bone quality, complexity of work and location.

17. Free consultations are only offered for implants or invisalign treatments and only once per patient.

18. The offer of $1000 towards dental implants or invisalign treatments can not be redeemed for other treatments and can only be claimed for one of those treatments when it is done in full.

19. Free electric tooth brushes are for new patients who present the voucher and only after they receive a treatment of full examination, Scale & Polish, Fluoride and Xrays (Our standard New patient pack). This only applies for full paying new patients.

20. Free electric tooth brushes are also for existing patients who refer a new patient to our practice and the new patient receives a treatment of full examination, Scale & Polish, Fluoride and Xrays (Our standard New patient pack). Both the existing and new patient must inform us of the referral before the new patient attends the practice in order to qualify for the free electric brush. This only applies for full paying new patients.

21. We ask you to sign a consent form to allow us to use the dental records, photos and Xrays for review, education, publication and communication with other practitioners.

Contact us if you need further information or clarification


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