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We care for the entire family; our dentists are experts in dealing with patients at different stages of their lives. Our focus is on prevention of dental and oral diseases.

Children require good attention to their primary teeth as they are just as important as their permanent teeth, they have to be cleaned regularly and filled if decayed as the nerve damage to a baby tooth can cause damage to the emerging permanent tooth and the early loss of a baby tooth will cause loss of space and a high chance of developing crooked teeth.

We spend time teaching our little friends the best oral hygiene practices and we also monitor their teeth eruption as early intervention is crucial if teeth do not erupt in the right places.

Teenagers need special attention as cleaning the teeth is very important at this stage of their lives. Also it is the best time for us to start their Orthodontic treatment if teeth alignment becomes a problem.

Fissure sealing is very important at both stages of life (childhood and teenagehood).

Adulthood is the age where we have to maintain the health of our teeth and gums and prevent / treat any problems that might arise. It is also the age where our dentists use their great expertise in Cosmetic Dentistry to achieve gorgeous smiles.

Only experienced and well trained dentists can care for the seniors properly, as normally it is the age where we find missing & cracked teeth and compromised restorations & biting problems.

Retaining teeth and maintaining excellent gum health is imperative at this stage and it fits well with our 20/80 vision (maintaining at least 20 healthy teeth by the age of 80 for everyone).

Replacing teeth with implants or bridges is very important for the adults and seniors as this is not only important for the look & aesthetics but also function and preventing further damage to the remaining teeth.

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