Before attending the practice, the triage process will include:

  • Answering a series of questions to ensure the treatment process is customised to your needs

Prevent the Spread

We are working to prevent the spread in the following ways:

  • Taking your temperature with contactless thermometers upon arrival
  • Hand sanitiser will be available to patients throughout your visit, particularly before and after your appointment
  • Reading material such as magazines have been removed from waiting areas

You may notice our waiting areas will look a little different as a result, rest assured we are taking your safety seriously.

Social distancing

Current social distancing restrictions mean that we may ask you to:

  • Attend your appointment alone where possible
  • Wait in your car or somewhere safe until one of our friendly team members advise it is safe to attend your appointment in the practice unless the reception area has been adapted for social distancing as per the Government guidelines

We have also decreased the number of patients we see each day to ensure minimal contact at all times.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

We’ve added additional PPE required for COVID-19 and depending on the nature of your treatment, you’ll notice our clinical teams wearing appropriate PPE that includes:

  • Clinical Clothing – Scrubs
  • Impervious Disposable Gowns – in some cases
  • Gloves
  • Appropriate masks fit for purpose
  • Headcover and face shields – if required

Our teams also follow strict processes when they prepare to see a patient for reduced services which include applying PPE away from the treatment area, ensuring single-use only and following disposal guidelines.

Extra focus on usual processes


All reusable tools are thoroughly sterilised using pressure and steam Class B state of the art autoclaves.

Cleaning and decontamination

All exposed surfaces get wiped down with a detergent/chlorine solution before and after a consultation and theatres are thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated daily.

Environmental barriers

Areas that are difficult to regularly clean get covered by disposable environmental barriers that can be disposed of between treatments.

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